New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 3: Reactivate Former Clients – Part 3/3

New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 3: Reactivate Former Clients – Part 3/3

Think of the impact on your life when 50% of former clients return to your wellness practice! Reactivate Former Clients, help them get the care they need and give your business an income boost!

The point is to bring them back on a consistent basis, not just for a one-time tune-up. So if your offer is too low, you will get people who come in only for the deal and then go MIA again. There are different strategies to structuring your “Welcome Back!” offer. One is to charge reactivated clients the full fee when they first return, and include an amenity, gift or service that adds value to the client without increasing your cost – such as aromatherapy or a hot stone treatment. Then give them a “Welcome Back Discount Coupon” for their next visit if they schedule it before a certain date. This helps them remember the benefit of ongoing care and motivates them to do it soon. Alternatively, after the first re-intro session, you could offer them a package instead of a one-session coupon.

Don’t lose out on clients and cash flow just because you haven’t seen them lately. If it’s been months, or even years, you can start bringing back a lot of your inactive clients. Think of the effect this would have on your practice and your income!

The tips in this week’s blog are just the “Tips of the Iceberg” when it comes to marketing your holistic health practice. Get more ideas in more detail at:

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