Plan Your Winter Holiday Party Now!

Plan Your Winter Holiday Party Now!

This week we continue with our theme of getting a jump-start on fall marketing. So… here’s a little quiz from last week’s article, Fall Marketing for Your Holistic Health Practice: What item on the list of fall marketing ideas mentions winter?

If you say “Start planning a Winter Holiday Party” – ding-ding-ding – correct answer!

And again, I can read your mind! “Winter?! It’s only August! Are we really jumping from summer to fall to winter marketing in one week?”

Yep – and here’s why: the winter gift-giving holidays can be your most profitable time of year – if you do it right. Part of doing it right involves planning and preparation, so you’re not scrambling to sell just a couple of gift certificates the week before Christmas! Your gift sales will skyrocket if you prepare early in the season, before people spend their holiday time and money elsewhere!

The great thing about this is that once you plan your strategy and book it into your schedule, you have a holiday marketing system in place that you can repeat year after year for your whole career! Make it memorable so that clients will look forward to getting a jump-start on their holiday shopping at your annual event! The first time is the hardest – after this it’s a piece of cake to repeat the same system every year!

Now, about that Winter Holiday Party…

Book some consistent marketing time over the summer to plan your holiday season launch with a Thanksgiving weekend party. At the party, you will launch your holiday gift certificate campaign! Pre-write the invitations and design a “drip campaign” to start in early November. Build excitement for your special offer by referring to it as a “big surprise” that will be revealed at the party!

Announce your special holiday offer at the party, with a bonus or incentive for those who purchase that day or by a certain date. Have a sales area with both in-person and online sales options. Set up a computer where your party guests can purchase gift coupons on your website right there at the party; and make sure you have an assistant there to handle in-person sales, so you can focus on being the host with the most! (For guests who choose not to purchase at the party, make sure you have plenty of biz cards, so they can contact you later to purchase by phone or online.)

In addition to launching your holiday special at the party, send out an email announcement to your entire contact list of clients, colleagues, biz associates, family and friends on the day of the party, with a time-limited offer. Link the email to your website, where they can purchase gift certificates that you will mail to the buyer or the recipient. (Extra tip: Offer free mailing service as a special bonus with purchase! The cost of postage is worth it for the extra income you generate!)

On your Facebook biz page, beginning in early November, pre-schedule daily posts about the upcoming party. Then, starting the day of the party and continuing through the holidays, post your special holiday offer.

Get ahead of the game by ordering or printing your Christmas gift coupons now; take advantage of summer sales with online or local print shops. Avoid the holiday rush by signing and addressing holiday cards and gifts early; pre-write and pre-schedule your Fall/winter ezines, blog articles and social media posts. Use stay-in-touch marketing vehicles to inform clients of your upcoming programs and promotions and to remind them of “the gift of health” for holiday shopping!

There’s a huge variety of marketing strategies you can use to make sure your clients don’t forget you over the summer – even if they take a vacation or a stay-cation. Use your time wisely to get your practice ready for a busy and profitable fall-winter season!

Consult The Prosperous Practice Holistic Health Annual Marketing Calendar to plan your marketing strategies throughout the year.

Your holistic health business doesn’t have to be at the mercy of seasonal peaks and valleys. With careful planning – and then of course putting your plans into action – you can avoid a slump in your practice during traditionally “slow” periods. Minimize the impact of seasonal changes on your business by leveraging your time to organize your marketing for consistent year-round income!

If you chart out your seasonal marketing every quarter for a year, you will have an automated marketing system that you can return to year after year, throughout your entire career. Avoid the roller coaster ride of seasonal ups and downs with careful planning, consistent marketing and regular implementation.

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