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Our innovative and effective programs and products to help you grow a thriving holistic health practice. Select the ones that best meet the needs of your business! 

The Prosperous Practice Home Study System                                                        

Our Signature Program is a simple yet comprehensive marketing system that provides all the strategies, tools and techniques you need to market and promote your holistic health practice, so you can share your talents with the many people who need your unique services! Step-by-step lessons and easy-to-implement assignments provide everything you need to start, grow and maintain a thriving practice both now and into the future, so you can enjoy the professional, financial and lifestyle rewards that you need, want and deserve! Learn more…

Steps to Success Mini-Courses                                                                               

12 concise guidebooks condense the comprehensive training of The Prosperous Practice Marketing System into individual mini-courses to make your marketing more affordable. You may receive Steps to Success one at a time or all at once; or simply choose individual guidebooks that are most relevant to your needs. Learn more…

Go from Free to Fee in 10 Steps                                                                            

Convert no-cost Discovery Sessions into on-going repeat business with this step-by-step innovative program designed specifically to help the entrepreneur holistic health practitioner create a thriving business filled with Ideal Clients! Learn more…

Welcome Back! Client Reactivation Campaign

Bring back former clients! Are you overlooking this rich source of income? If you’ve been in business a while, you probably have some clients who dropped off your radar. Now you can reactivate former clients and bring them back into your practice. You can start implementing this simple client attraction tactic immediately! Learn more…

The Prosperous Practice Holistic Healthcare Marketing Calendar

Organize your marketing activities around a yearly schedule of dates for the acknowledgment, education and awareness of various health and wellness issues. Use it to promote your services to patients and referring doctors. Learn more…

 Mindset Moments Success Journal

Keep track of your marketing and mindset activities, so you can repeat the strategies that give you the best results! This journal documents your growth and progress in 12 sections that correspond with the 12 Modules of The Home Study System and Steps to Success Mini-Courses 1-12. Learn more…

Small Steps to Big Success: Over 200 Ways to Attract and Keep Clients

No-cost mini-course loaded with simple, effective tips taken directly from The Prosperous Practice Marketing System for a thriving holistic health career. Enroll on any page of website!

The Prosperous Practice Marketing Message                                                     

FREE weekly newsletter filled with practice-building info to bring you the most up-to-date and effective marketing and mindset tips for consistent business growth! Subscribe on any page of website!

Coaching Packages                                                                                                

Choose the perfect package for your practice. We provide ongoing support to take what you’re learning and put it into action for immediate and ongoing success. There’s a level for every holistic health practitioner, depending on the amount of support you need for growing your practice. Learn more...

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