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The Prosperous Practice Annual Healthcare Marketing System

This valuable marketing tool is a yearly schedule of dates for acknowledgment, education and awareness of various medical conditions; health and wellness issues; health career recognition dates; and conferences, conventions and meetings. Having this information compiled into one system has several advantages:

1. It allows you to organize your marketing activities around these recognition dates, so that you can target potential clients who have specific illnesses, conditions and issues, to educate them about how your modality can help their condition;

2. It helps you create and market special offers for clients/patients who have specific health challenges;

3. It facilitates referrals to and from other health professionals;

4. It helps you network with your target market and with other health professionals;

5. It helps you schedule presentations, workshops, demos and speaking engagements to coordinate with public health education and awareness events.

You are probably familiar with some of these dates, such as American Heart Month in February and October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are actually hundreds of these recognition dates – days, weeks or months to promote public and professional awareness of healthcare issues that affect millions of people.

This complete marketing system shows you exactly how to include these potential client-rich populations in your marketing materials and promotional activities. Newsletter articles; speaking opportunities; workshops; special promotions and offers; programs, packages and products; and joint ventures with other health professionals – these are some of the strategies we teach you to include in your marketing.

Imagine the boost to your client base and income when – each and every week and month throughout the year – you market to specific populations within your target market, offering your special solutions to their particular problems and challenges!

Email us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation Discovery Session: Together we will explore the best customized way to integrate this program into your holistic health business – to attract the full schedule of ideal clients that you need, want and deserve!

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