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Our Up-Close and Personal Mentoring Program is designed to be used in conjunction with our Information Products. One-on-one mentoring will support and enhance your self-directed learning experience with The Prosperous Practice Home Study System and The Steps to Success Mini-Courses.

~ One-on-one mentoring with an experienced guide provides customized teaching and support – the fastest way to grow your wellness practice. It will accelerate your progress with the mindset and marketing principles as your business progresses into a successful future.

~ All  of our Mentoring Packages take 6 months to complete, but you won’t have to wait 6 months to benefit from the information we provide. From the very first session, you will learn effective strategies that you can implement immediately to start getting quick results in your momentum toward more success!

~ Each Mentoring Session is a 30-minute phone appointment pre-scheduled for the same day and time during the first three weeks of each month. During the fourth week of each month, you may get additional support via email, if needed.

~ Prior to each Mentoring Session, you will receive downloads of worksheets and templates to help you complete your assignments and customize the mindset principles and marketing strategies for your wellness practice.

~ Every phone mentoring session follows a structured format:

  1. Mindset Moment: Principles pertaining to each Module.

  2. Check-in: Review your progress with the previous session’s assignments.

  3. Q & A: Resolve challenges and clarify issues from previous lessons.

  4. Marketing Lesson: Strategies to attract clients and create a thriving practice.

  5. Assignments: Activities and exercises to implement before the next session.

Our Mentoring Program is based on our unique Formula for Success:

Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

Inspiration includes positive expectation, self-esteem and confidence; enthusiasm and passion; gratitude and appreciation; and for many of us, a spiritual belief in a Higher Power.

Information refers to the factual and practical aspects of your business: education, training, professional skills, business practices, office policies, clinic procedures and marketing.

Implementation involves 2 elements:

1. Accountability. Commitment, participation, follow-through and personal responsibility.

2.    Manifestation. You attract what you focus on with strong conviction.

All three components are essential for maximum results and success. Like the necessary components for a thriving garden – soil, water and light – you get optimum results when all three elements are present in the right balance.

What Results Can You Expect?

Here’s what you can expect from The Up-Close and Personal Mentoring Packages:

~ Personalized guidance and assistance with the home study program of your choice

~ Support and accountability as you work through the steps of your program

~ More clients and more money as you help more people and help yourself

~ Mindset breakthroughs to eliminate beliefs and doubts that limit your success

~ Marketing strategies that expand your client base to its maximum potential

~ Ideas for fast income to stabilize your finances for long-term income strategies

~ A unique and irresistible practice that makes people want to work with you

~ A specialized target market that allows you to fill your practice with satisfied clients

~ Solutions, results and benefits that match the problems and needs of your clients

~ Magnetic Marketing Materials to powerfully pull Ideal Clients into your practice

~ Compelling treatment packages that offer more value for your clients

~ A diversified marketing portfolio that attracts clients from a variety of sources

~ Strategies to get out in public and educate people about the benefits you offer

~ An authentic sales approach to sell your services in a respectful, ethical way

~ Systems and procedures to make your business run smoothly and consistently

~ More freedom and flexibility in your business and your life


We have a Mentoring Package for every level of wellness practitionerwhether you are starting your career, have years of experience or in transition from employee to entrepreneur. We look forward to helping you achieve professional success and personal satisfaction!

Ultimate Package  ~  6 Sessions per Month for 6 Months

Do you need full support as you launch a new practice or strengthen a struggling one? If so, the Ultimate Package is the right choice! With six 30-minute coaching sessions per month, it is also the perfect program if you have a full practice with a comfortable income, but you feel the potential for bigger and better success. You want to expand your business, leverage your time, create multiple streams of income and have more freedom and flexibility in your life, while helping even more clients. You want to let go of limiting beliefs that block maximum success. The Ultimate Package will support your decision to create greater balance, fulfillment and success in your life.

Optimum Package   4 Sessions per Month for 6 Months

Are you a holistic health practitioner whose business is less than what you first envisioned it would be? Then the Optimum Package will meet your needs! Offering four 30-minute coaching sessions per month, it is designed for the practitioner at any level, from beginner to experienced, who is not achieving optimum results. Perhaps your passion for your work has dwindled, your marketing is ineffective or non-existent, your schedule feels chaotic, your income is inadequate or you’re overworked and overwhelmed. The Optimum Package will help you find the motivation and focus you need to create more time, more freedom and more success, using leverage, organization, mindset growth and marketing systems.

Advantage Package  2 Sessions per Month for 6 Months

Do you like to work independently but need occasional guidance and support as questions and challenges arise? In that case, the Advantage Package is the ideal program for you! Providing two 30-minute coaching sessions per month, this program will help you learn and implement our step-by-step system for effective marketing. If you’re in the start-up phase or need to strengthen an existing practice, it will help you optimize your marketing and master a mindset for success. If you have an established practice with many clients and a good income, but feel stressed and overworked – the Advantage Package will give you the tools to leverage your time and resources into more freedom and flexibility in your life.

Prime Package   One Session per Month for 6 Months

Are you a proactive holistic health practitioner who enjoys working independently, with the motivation, self-confidence and organizational skills to learn and implement the lessons primarily on your own? If so, the Prime Package is the perfect system for you! With one 30-minute coaching session per month, it will provide you with monthly support and feedback to help you achieve balance and success. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, the Prime Package supports your independence, self-discipline and personal responsibility as you start the program, implement the strategies you learn and uplevel your practice with expansion and success!

We’re here to help you determine which Coaching Package is the best fit for the present level of your holistic health practice. Contact us for a No-Cost Discovery Session and discover which program you need for the growth and success that you need, want and deserve!

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