Success Journal

Mindset Moments Success Journal

Keep track of your marketing and mindset activities, so you can repeat the strategies that give you the best results! This journal documents your growth and progress in 12 sections that correspond with the 12 Modules of The Home Study System and Steps to Success Mini-Courses. Contents include:

~ Affirmations and Appreciations. Positive statements that encourage and support the mindset principles and marketing strategies of each Module.

~ Write Your Own Affirmations. Express your positive expectations and appreciations of business growth and success.

~ Goal Setting. Keep track of your goals pertaining to the theme of each Module, so you can follow an organized path to success and not get side-tracked by distractions and challenges.

~ Goal Achievement. Document and date your successes as you achieve them, for a record of your progress and accomplishments.

~ Challenges and Solutions. Offer options to resolve each problem, difficulty or obstacle that presents itself as you grow and maintain your practice.

~ Additional Notes. Record inspirations, thoughts, feelings and reflections about your mindset and marketing, to help you develop, remember and implement your ideas.

Journaling your marketing and mindset activities keeps you focused and on-track. It’s also a great confidence-builder to look back and see how much progress you’ve made!

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