Steps to Success

The Prosperous Practice Steps to Success

Mini-Courses to Guide You Step-by-Step to Your Very Own Prosperous Practice!

Our concise guidebooks condense the in-depth training of our comprehensive Signature Product, The Prosperous Practice Marketing System, into individual mini-courses to make your marketing investment more affordable.

You may receive Steps to Success one at a time or all at once; or choose the individual guidebooks that are most relevant to your needs. They are designed to be used in several ways, depending on the needs of your business:

~ For a new practitioner just starting out, Steps to Success shares simple ways to start growing your practice step-by-step, without confusion and overwhelm, by purchasing and implementing the guidebooks one-by-one, as your schedule and budget allow.

~ For the experienced practitioner who previously worked for an employer and is now opening a private practice, Steps to Success helps you transition from employee to entrepreneur and systematically implement our mindset and marketing systems as your business expands.

~ For the practitioner with a successful practice who now wants to expand further, Steps to Success allows the flexibility to choose individual mini-courses to fill the gaps in areas of your practice that are not producing optimum results, and simple but powerful ways to leverage your time into more money.

Which Steps to Success Mini-Courses best fit the needs of your practice?

STEPS TO SUCCESS PRE-TRAINING BONUS: The Prosperous Practice Guide to a Mindset of Success

Would you like to change old attitudes and beliefs that limit your potential for success? When you recognize and replace negative, restrictive thoughts about money, success and self-worth, with positive, affirmative beliefs and habits, you create confidence and achievement. Our mindset exercises identify and eliminate obstacles of fear, self-doubt and old habits that stand between you and a thriving practice.

Steps to Success 1: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Time Management

Do you start your day with ambitious goals, then wonder where the time went and feel like you should have accomplished more? How you manage your time impacts your marketing, your effectiveness, your success and your income. Learn to schedule your business and personal activities for optimum results while maintaining a balanced lifestyle!

Steps to Success 2: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Quick Money

Do you overlook or miss out on marketing opportunities that are right in front of you? Learn some simple, effective marketing techniques that will jump-start your income while you implement long-term strategies that allow you to serve more people and make more money!

Steps to Success 3: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Your Unique Service Position

Are you ready to clarify and express your unique skills and talents? When you learn how to stand out as unique in a competitive marketplace, Ideal Clients will notice you and will understand why they should choose you instead of another practitioner to help them resolve their pain, problem or challenge!

Steps to Success 4: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Results and Benefits

Would you like to learn how to match the results and benefits of your services to the problems of your Ideal Clients?  When people know the advantages you offer, the more clients you will attract, which directly affects your income and your career satisfaction. Learn to clearly express how you help people, so they see your work as the solution they need!

Steps to Success 5: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Your Target Market

Do you try to offer your wellness services to anyone and everyone? To fill your practice, learn to identify who your Ideal Clients are, where to find them and how to connect with them easily and inexpensively. Narrow down your niche so that you attract a huge percentage of a small targeted group, rather than a tiny percentage of a large diverse group.

Steps to Success 6: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Magnetic Marketing

Do you want marketing materials that are customized for the needs of your target market? Appeal to your Ideal Clients with wording that clearly describes their challenges and the solutions you offer. Learn exactly how to create compelling marketing that magnetically attracts your Ideal Clients and screens out people who are not the best fit for your practice!

Steps to Success 7: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Packages and Programs

Are you ready to price your services so they sell with less effort and bring you more income? Combine your skills and services into Continuity Packages instead of selling individual sessions. Discover how to serve your clients with a new marketing paradigm that focuses on solutions, results and value, rather than the outdated business model of  “trading time for money.” 

Steps to Success 8: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Getting Known

Do you hibernate in your office waiting for clients to walk through the door? Go public to let people know how you can help them! Discover exactly where to go to educate them about what you offer and how to send you referrals. Learn to be comfortable with the 3 main ways to reach Ideal Clients – meeting, speaking and writing – to create the crucial “Know-Like-Trust Factor.”

Steps to Success 9: The Prosperous Practice Guide to the Courageous Sales System

Does selling your services make you feel pushy or manipulative, like the stereotype used car salesman? Honor the ethics and integrity of your clients and yourself with our Courageous Conversation that models exactly what to say in a respectful sales discussion with the client, in a way that will authentically and comfortably guide them to enrolling with you!

Steps to Success 10: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Ongoing Systems

Would you like to know in advance what to do every day, week and month to grow your business? All the great marketing strategies in the world won’t help you succeed if you don’t implement them with orderly, repeatable, effective systems. Keep your practice on track and your life in balance, so you can focus on your purpose – to serve clients with your unique gifts!

We’re here to help you discover which Steps to Success Mini-Course is the best fit for you and your wellness practice. Contact us for a No-Cost Discovery Session and DISCOVER WHICH PROGRAM IS BEST FOR YOU – for the business growth and success that you need, want and deserve!

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