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The Prosperous Practice Marketing System

Our Signature Program is an innovative system to help you grow and maintain a thriving, successful wellness practice!

– An easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach

– Clear lessons and simple exercises

– Compassionate, insightful and sometimes humorous

– Teaches and supports you to get into action for quick results.

– Ideas and materials to steadily grow your practice.

– Create a profitable, sustainable business and a long-term fulfilling career!

The Prosperous Practice Marketing System is a step-by-step guide that shares exactly how to develop and maintain an effective balance of mindset and marketing to run a prosperous wellness business. The 10 Modules take you start-to-finish — from creating the right mindset and marketing environment to growing a consistently full, prosperous practice that meets four needs:

Provide benefit and value to the people you serve

Fulfill your career goals to serve through meaningful work

Create a satisfying career and abundant income

Give you a lifestyle of abundance, freedom and significance

Average practitioners – if they succeed at all – can take years to develop a solid practice. With The Prosperous Practice Marketing System, you will move beyond average – to outstanding! You can expect success in a fraction of the usual time, if you follow the steps in order and use a consistent marketing schedule.

Our clients get fast results  – more income and more clients, who stay longer, return frequently and refer others who need what you offer.

The 10 Modules of The Prosperous Practice Marketing System:

Module 1 – It’s About Time!

Is it challenging to find enough time to market your business effectively? Learn how to schedule your business and personal activities to get it all done while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Learn exactly how to make marketing a priority to get the results you want – more clients and more money!

Module 2 – Quick-Start Money Makers

Do you need quick cash for a crisis or extra money to invest in business growth? Learn a few proven techniques to stabilize your finances while implementing long-term strategies to grow your practice and carry you into the future with the success that you want, need and deserve!

Module 3 – Be Uniquely You!

Would you like to identify and express what makes your practice stand out as unique in a competitive field? We share the exact steps to get people to notice you by creating your USP – Unique Service Position – the answer you will give when someone asks, “Why should I choose you over other practitioners?”

Module 4 – Remarkable Results and Amazing Advantages

Are you ready to clarify the solutions your clients will get from your work? The results and benefits you provide should specifically match the needs of your Ideal Client. Everyone wants to know WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?” The more clearly you communicate how you help people, the easier it is for them to see your work as the solution to their pain or problem!

Module 5 – Meet Your Ideal Client

Do you offer your work to anyone and everyone? Learn how to narrow your target market to a specific niche, allowing you to fill your practice with Ideal Clients. Position yourself as the resource your prospects need and your niche will become a major source of success, for more satisfaction in your career and more profits in your practice!

Module 6 – Magnetic Marketing Materials

Wouldn’t you like your marketing message to be so attractive that people can hardly wait to work with you? Here’s how to craft persuasive, compelling and compassionate language that pulls Ideal Clients into your practice with Magnetic Marketing Materials – unique marketing that speaks directly to the needs of your target audience!

Module 7 – Promote Packages, Programs & Products

Are you ready to make more money by combining your skills and services into packages and programs? Combine your skills and services into Continuity Packages instead of selling individual sessions. Discover how to serve your clients with a new marketing paradigm that focuses on solutions, results and value, rather than the outdated business model of  “trading time for money.” 

Module 8 – Stepping Out for Success­­­­­­­­­

Would you like to create more exposure and visibility for yourself and your practice? Explore the most effective ways to go public with your solutions to reach your Ideal Clients inexpensively in large numbers, so you can educate them about how your services provide the solutions to their problems and teach them how to send you referrals!

Module 9 – Mastering the Sale

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know how to sincerely and gracefully get Ideal Clients to enroll in your packages and programs? We show you exactly what to say to sell your services in a compassionate conversation in which you are serving their highest good, without being pushy or phony. Master simple proven techniques that sell your services authentically, respectfully and ethically!

Module 10 – Set Up Systems for Ongoing Success

Would you like a system that keeps you balanced and on track by planning your marketing for the entire year? Put your marketing on autopilot with simple customized systems for every business activity, so it can run like a well-oiled machine and free up your time for serving your clients and enjoying your life!

The Prosperous Practice Marketing System is designed with your success as its goal! The sequence of the 10 Modules is intended to guide you step-by-step to a successful business. The very first assignment – Your Formula for Success – will jump-start your practice with a base of affirmative beliefs and activities for your business. The final assignment – Set Up Systems for Success – will keep your practice running smoothly into the future. And in between the first and last steps are solid, proven, practical techniques for effective marketing, supported by a positive foundation of mindset principles in which to grow the prosperous practice that you want, need and deserve!

Contact us now to schedule a No-Cost Discovery Session – a one-on-one conversation in which we will explore and discover how The Prosperous Practice Marketing System can guide and support you in creating your very own prosperous practice!

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