Spring Treats for Your Clients: What’s in Your Basket?

Spring Treats for Your Clients: What’s in Your Basket?


Do you give Easter treats to your clients? Spring is the perfect time to pamper them with a client appreciation gift! I make little Easter baskets, filled with wholesome snacks and healthy treats. But there’s much more you can do every day – not just for Easter – to treat your holistic health clients to special customer service! Continuing with last week’s theme of adding amenities to your services, let’s look at a few more ways to boost client loyalty with extra-special services – before, during and after each appointment…

… starting with something I don’t do that really makes people sit up and take notice – I don’t accept tips! “Whoa – hold on!” you say. “Massage therapists expect tips and depend on this extra money to boost our income.” Well, this may be true in a spa or salon setting, but my view is that in a health care clinic, tipping is inappropriate. Just as people do not tip their doctor or dentist, they likewise should not be expected to tip their massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist or other health care provider. If someone insists on giving a tip anyway, I clearly explain that it helps cover the expense of my pro bono community service work. This policy will go a long way toward impressing people with your dedication, commitment and professionalism. Keeping repeat clients over the long-term brings in more money and satisfaction than One-Session Wonders who leave a big tip and never return!

Follow-up Call. Check in by phone the next day with new clients; or if an existing client came in with a new problem. If their next appointment is more than a week away, call again in a few days to see how they’re doing and remind them to follow their self-care routine. Ask if they have any questions or if there’s anything you can do for them. If they’re acute, offer to see them sooner than scheduled.

On-going Connection. You need a keep-in-touch marketing system to keep your practice in the clients’ awareness. This can include email or postal mail items, such as a weekly ezine, info or an article of interest to the client. A Referral Reward Program offers a special gift of your choice to clients who refer others. Birthday and holiday e-cards are pre-scheduled each year, with new clients added as they come in.

Exceed Their Expectations! Helping clients feel better with great technical skills is the bare minimum you should give. People expect an effective treatment – that’s why they called you in the first place. Exceed their expectations with amenities – nice little extra services or products that add little or no cost or time to you, but have a huge impact on the client’s experience. Use special amenities every day, not just with new clients, but with all clients. Not just for special occasions and not just occasionally, but in every single interaction – whether on the phone, by email or in person. Amenities are a key factor in keeping loyal ideal clients and getting their referrals.

Oh, one more thing – always, always, always remember to say “Thank you so much for coming in! I appreciate your support.”

Amenities can have a huge impact on the client’s experience in your holistic health practice. Use Easter and the renewal of spring – and every opportunity you can – using low-cost amenities to show your clients how much you appreciate them.

How do your wow your clients with amenities? Please share below!

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