Be Unique to Get “Forever” Clients!

Be Unique to Get “Forever” Clients!

Image result for horse of a different colorPotential clients are more likely to notice you if your marketing makes your wellness business and your services stand out as unique – different from the typical practice.

The 3 steps to getting “forever” clients involve matching your skills and knowledge to the needs of your target audience. We recommend keeping a journal for this purpose – either handwritten or digital – because you will add to it and refine it over time throughout your career. Here’s how to get started:

1. Know Yourself. The first step in differentiating your practice from others is to clarify your special qualities. Begin by listing things that identify you as an expert in your field, including your: education, expertise, experience; skills, specialties, strengths, philosophy about health and wellness; personality and character traits; how you do business and practice your modality, such as dependability,

What special things about your business make you different from others in your modality?

An example of my uniqueness is that my massage therapy practice focuses on myofascial injuries and chronic pain conditions. This is unique in my area because most other therapists:

  • Have a general practice instead of a specialty
  • Don’t identify what makes them stand out

What do you offer your clients that they can’t get anywhere else or that other practitioners have not taken the time to identify and describe about themselves?

Step 2. Your USP – Unique Service Position. Your USP is what makes you stand out from the crowd of others in your field, those who practice the same modality as you; and those who practice a different modality but serve the same target audience, such as a yoga instructor and weight-lifting coach who both help people get fit and strong.

Identify and describe your USP with your answers to these 4 questions:

  1. What do I offer that my colleagues and competitors do not?
  2. What features of my practice differentiate me from others in my field?
  3. Why should someone work with me rather than my competitors?
  4. What special personality traits make me an excellent practitioner?

You will not necessarily share all of these features with clients or list such details in your marketing. The purpose of this exercise is to clarify all the special things about you – things that we tend to forget, lose track of, take for granted.

Identifying all of your unique traits will also improve your self-confidence. Whenever you need encouragement – a business pep talk or an ego boost – read over your list. It will make you feel better and perhaps inspire you with new ideas and goals!

Keep your list up-to-date as you add new skills and qualities.

Step 3. Share Your Story. What inspires your passion for your work? What influenced you to enter a health career? Your story can be a powerful catalyst to attract clients!

Sharing your experience can touch people emotionally and motivate them to try your service, especially people who have a situation similar to yours, those who have never tried a holistic modality or those who are skeptical.

Many of us were drawn to wellness work by an experience, realization or insight that attracted us to enter a health career. In many cases, this compelling story or defining moment was a health crisis of our own or someone close to us.

When you make it personal about yourself in a way that others can identify with, and when you relate your story to the needs of your target audience, you have the magic formula for a client-attractive story!

Part of my story as a massage therapist is that I first became intrigued with bodywork when a friend unintentionally resolved my chronic ear infection with a neck massage, and this initial interest soon led to a lifelong career!

You can see two examples of how I tell my story of The Prosperous Practice here:

Interview form:

Narrative form:

There is a huge amount of information on business story-telling beyond the scope of this article. There are also many different options of how to tell your story. I suggest you explore various styles and choose one, or a combination, to inspire you. These links will get you started with information on story-telling for business and marketing:

Be Yourself and Let Others Know You!

Highlight your uniqueness to stand out in the crowd and get potential clients to notice you. The trick is to be enough like potential clients to have them trust you, and different enough to stand out as unique. Be authentic! Share personal (not private) things about yourself that will help others relate to you. Create and use effective story-telling to make your wellness work sound special and different.

Emphasizing your uniqueness can make the difference between a person who walks away and one who can’t wait to become your “forever” client!

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