Spread the News – with a Client-Attractive Newsletter!

Spread the News – with a Client-Attractive Newsletter!

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Fortunately there’s a better way to connect with clients and prospects than shouting through a bullhorn! A business newsletter is a marketing power tool that can help you reach more people and attract more ideal clients!

– Is your practice the first thing your clients think about when they need health care?

– Do you want loyal clients who don’t even think about going to another practitioner?

– Would you like to have a solid base of clients who regularly refer others to you?

– Do you want referrals from physicians and other healthcare providers?

– Would you like for these referrals to also become loyal clients who make referrals?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, a newsletter is an ideal way to make it happen!

One of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make as a wellness practitioner is to not contact your clients on a regular basis . And yet, according to a research poll, only 10% of practitioners send a client newsletter.

The most valuable business asset you have is not your office, not your equipment, not your skills – it’s your clients. When you don’t keep in touch with current and past clients, they are less responsive to you, less loyal to your business and less interested in your services.

So it’s crucial to the success of your practice that you take good care of your client list – and not just when they are in your office for an appointment. Making sure you take care of them between appointments is the best way to keep you on their mind. And this is where your keep-in-touch marketing system comes into play.

Your newsletter is more than a tool to educate clients about health. It also allows you to:

– Offer special promotions.

– Keep clients informed about your business news.

– Build trust by sharing little glimpses into your personal life.

– Keep your business on their mind.

The whole purpose of marketing is to build relationships with people over time, so they always think of you for their health and wellness concerns. A newsletter or ezine helps to build a solid relationship with clients, so that you retain their business over the long-term.

Contacting your clients on a regular basis is the strongest marketing strategy you can use! Keep in touch with the people on your list of current and past clients, so they stay responsive to you, loyal to your business, interested in your services and happy to refer people to you.

While a printed newsletter is effective, an ezine is even more so. An ezine – tech-talk for email magazine – has an added advantage of saving you money, because it doesn’t have printing and mailing costs. Either way – print or online – a newsletter helps you:

– Remind them that you’re here to help.

– Communicate with your clients and colleagues.

– Build the crucial know-like-trust factor with potential clients.

– Establish recognition of your brand.

– Promote your service.

– Encourage referrals from clients, doctors and other practitioners.

– Give you an edge over competitors who do not use a newsletter.

Your ezine can be your silent sales partner! Here are 10 simple ways to add marketing energy to your email newsletter.

  1. Have an opt-in box so that people can subscribe if they received your ezine from a friend!
  2. Embed clickable links to your website with text and images throughout your ezine. Provide links to products, programs or events. Your ezine banner should contain a clickable link to your website home page. Links help readers get more information fast and can have a big impact on sales.
  3. Include links for readers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other social media sites that you – or they – use regularly.  There are many attractive and affordable options of icon sets for visual interest.
  4. Use a P.S. to ask readers to forward your ezine to their friends, followers and colleagues. You can also use the forwarding feature available with most professional online email services.
  5. Post updates on social media sites each time you write a new article. Include a link to your opt-in page and encourage readers to subscribe for regular delivery.
  6. Grow your mailing list fast, with a link or reference to it in places people are likely to opt-in. For example: your email signature, in your bio, within the footer of online articles, your business card and all printed marketing materials.
  7. Include an offer. Make your ezine an effective marketing vehicle with this one simple rule: Always include an offer – an existing product or resource, a new launch, a free Discovery Session, a “read more” link to your website.
  8. Provide a free way to learn more about your business. Whether casually in a social situation or more formally in a presentation, offer your ezine and its free gift to everyone you talk to.
  9. Start where you are and make improvements as you go. Don’t get bogged down in creating the perfect ezine before you start sending it.  With the online format, it’s easy to make changes.
  10. Send it regularly and frequently. Weekly is ideal! If that’s too overwhelming at first, send it every 2 weeks. Less than that – don’t bother!

If you’re short on time, implement one feature each week until your newsletter is complete and your publication schedule is in full swing with a weekly ezine going out to all your clients and colleagues! A note via email, postal mail or on your recent blog post, plus a simple offer, are all you need to get started sending your ezine today. Tweak it a little each time and before long you’ll have a high-powered marketing tool that attracts clients while you work, play and sleep!

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