Let Freedom Ring in Your Wellness Biz – with Systems!

Let Freedom Ring in Your Wellness Biz – with Systems! 

“In a world with no systems, with chaos, everything becomes a struggle, predictability is not there. And it becomes almost impossible…” – Bill Clinton.

Image result for LET FREEDOM RINGMemorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day! As we honor America’s summer patriotic holidays dedicated to the concept of freedom, let’s explore ways to have more freedom in your healthcare business.

There’s so much more to being a successful wellness entrepreneur than working with clients. Do you struggle with all the endless details of running your practice – clinical, clerical, administrative and marketing tasks?

And this is all in addition to our primary purpose of taking care of clients! No wonder so many practitioners stress out or burn out!

As a health service professional, your plate is indeed very full! But when you set up systems to handle the business and marketing activities, you can work more efficiently and have more freedom for personal time and other important aspects of your life. Once you implement specific policies, protocols, tools and resources to manage your practice, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without them!

If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed, if crucial tasks are falling through the cracks – then you’re wasting valuable time and precious energy that you could use to serve clients and achieve your personal and business goals. Create systems so your marketing is on auto-pilot year-round, with ease and convenience for you, throughout the lifetime of your business.

Systems are absolutely crucial if you want to multiply your business and move to the next level of success. Whether you are struggling, starting, sustaining or succeeding, systems will get you to the next level, and the next after that.

How do you currently get things done in your business? Most likely, as a solo entrepreneur, you have a self-generated business, meaning that if you don’t do it yourself, it doesn’t get done!

Take a close look at all the different parts of your business. For example: how you get clients, how you get paid, how you deliver your services or products, as well as administration, marketing and scheduling.

You can actually devise a system for each of these activities. In my business, every aspect is systematized – scheduling, marketing, client sessions, promo, admin, social media, networking, ezine, blog, even cleaning and laundry! Everything has a time and a place, and gets done efficiently with time to spare! How will you use your spare time?

Look at the different aspects of your business to see what’s working well and what’s falling through the cracks. Decide which things absolutely have to be done by you and which can be delegated. Ask how something can be systematized so that it is done the same way each time. What can be automated with technology and what can be delegated to others?

For instance, keep a script or checklist by the phone for intake with new clients. To further systematize this same task, have your prospects pre-screen themselves by reading the FAQ section in your website, so you don’t have to repeat the same conversation with every prospective client. Send intake paperwork to new clients before their first session, to fill out and bring to the appointment; or return to you so you have time to review it before seeing the client.

Use systems all over your business. Whether promoting a new program or cleaning the bathroom – systematize it! Whatever it is – closing the sale, ordering supplies, client intake – whatever it is, give it a system so you always know what to do and when to do it. Systems also allow you to delegate certain aspects of your business to other people, freeing up your time for more flexibility, freedom and fun in your life!

Remember to make time in your schedule for marketing! Do you find yourself at the end of the week wondering where the time went and feeling frustrated because you only accomplished a fraction of what you wanted to get done?

If so, then you need a weekly calendar with designated blocks of time to work on certain aspects of your business, as explained in detail in The Prosperous Practice Home Study System Module 2: Make Room for Marketing

This will instantly improve your productivity and reduce your stress by giving you more control over your time! Remember – your system won’t do you any good if you don’t follow it! So stick to your boundaries, ok? Make a commitment to yourself to honor your intentions. Turn off your phone ringer, email beeps, social media chirps and all other distractions – electronic and otherwise.

Don’t wear all the hats in your biz – delegate! Most likely at this point you’re in business for yourself, with yourself and by yourself. In other words, it doesn’t get done if you don’t do it!

The key to having a business that runs like a well-oiled machine is to get help and delegate certain tasks to a live or virtual assistant. If you are handling everything yourself and important things are not getting done, this translates to lost opportunities, fewer clients and less income. If you think you can’t afford it, start small with 1-2 hours per week. The goal is to focus your time and energy on attracting clients and working with clients, while someone else does things that are outside your area of expertise.

Avoid overwhelm, burn-out and chaos! Systems are crucial if you want to multiply your business and get to the next level of success in you holistic health practice. Whether you are struggling, starting, sustaining or succeeding, think about all the different tasks needed to keep things running smoothly. Then create a repeatable system that works every time for each business activity!

Steps to Success 12: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Ongoing Systems


Wouldn’t you like to know in advance exactly what you need to do every day, week and month to grow your business? All the great marketing strategies in the world won’t help you succeed if you don’t implement them in an orderly plan. Keep your practice on track and your life in balance with business, marketing and lifestyle systems, so you can focus on your purpose – to serve clients with your unique gifts.

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