How to Get More Clients with Ripe Peaches!

How to Get More Clients with Ripe Peaches! Summer! It’s time for my favorite fruit – fresh peaches! Growing up on my grandparents’ farm in South Carolina, I spent many lazy summer days reading Anne of Green Gables books in a peach tree, nibbling and dribbling peach juice down my chin! Do … Continue reading

Make Time for Marketing!

Make Time for Marketing! “Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford. It’s actually a very simple premise: The more time you spend attracting clients, the more clients you will attract! How much time every day should you … Continue reading

3 Simple Ways to Attract Ideal Clients Now!

3 Simple Ways to Attract Ideal Clients Now! Do you cringe at the idea of marketing your holistic health practice? Well, you’re not alone! Marketing seems overwhelming to many practitioners! But we’re about to change that – right here, right now! This aversion to marketing is simply because they haven’t … Continue reading

Networking – Casual or Structured? Part 2/3

Networking – Make the Most of Your Opportunities: Part 2/3 We’ve been exploring the basics of networking as a business-building strategy for your holistic health practice. Use networking opportunities to create more visibility for your holistic health practice and attract ideal clients with more tips and tools: 3. Use your … Continue reading

Your One-Minute Marketing Message Attracts Health Clients

Attract Holistic Health Clients with Your One-Minute Marketing Message A One-Minute Marketing Message is a short, concise spoken “commercial” for your holistic health practice. Known in the marketing industry as an “elevator speech,” it is a term describing a quick description of your business that you can use when you … Continue reading

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