Banish Biz Fears Forever!

Banish Biz Fears Forever! “Those old habits don’t have to be erased, they just become replaced by new habits that are more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want.” – Abraham/Hicks. Many health practitioners have limited business skills. Being skilled as a practitioner is not enough … Continue reading

Quick Steps to New Clients!

Quick Steps to New Clients! After visiting the websites of hundreds of holistic practitioners, I was concerned about the number of sites that were “All about me, Me, ME!” on the Home Page. Make sure your Home Page – often a prospect’s first exposure to you and your work – … Continue reading

Are You Too Aggressive with Your Marketing? Part 3/3

Keep-in-Touch Marketing Once you’ve captured clients’ interest – and their email address – you can continue marketing to them on a regular basis with keep-in-touch marketing vehicles, such as your ezine, a free report, greeting cards and/or update letters about your practice. This further establishes the know-like-trust factor, so the … Continue reading

Are You Too Aggressive with Your Marketing? Part 2/3

Share Your Goodies! The way to make people aware of your creative solutions to their challenges, without seeming pushy or needy, is to freely share your work! When people ask about your work, rather than spending your valuable time explaining the same information repeatedly, you can simply say, “Visit my … Continue reading

Are You Too Aggressive with Your Marketing? Part 1/3

Sharing, Not Selling Have you been reluctant to promote your holistic health service for fear of seeming obnoxious or desperate for clients? There was a time, early in my career, when I was reluctant to offer my services or discuss fees with prospective clients. For one thing, I was worried … Continue reading

Autumn Marketing for Holistic Health Practitioners

Prepare Fall Programs for Your Holistic Health Practice Plan your Fall and Winter business activities by booking some late summer and early fall marketing time into your schedule. Do at least one marketing activity per day during the summer, to plan and promote your autumn programs such as: Back-to-School Specials (Intro … Continue reading

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