Is Your Holistic Practice a Purple Cow?

Is Your Holistic Practice a Purple Cow? “In your career, being safe is risky. The path to lifetime job security is to be remarkable.” Seth Godin. If your marketing makes your holistic health practice and your services sound unique, then potential clients – especially Ideal Clients – will pay attention to … Continue reading

Does Your Business Mindset Have Limiting Beliefs? Part 1/2

Stamp Out Stinkin’ Thinkin’  “As massage therapists, we are here to share our healing gifts. If you decided to become a massage therapist to make a lot of money, you chose the wrong career.” I was shocked to hear this blatantly untrue statement made by the keynote speaker at the … Continue reading

Should Holistic Health Practitioners Offer Discounts? Part 2/4

To Discount or Not? Part 2/4 Previously, we looked at reasons not to offer discounts on your holistic health services. Now we consider the advantages of discounting your fees: There can be useful and appropriate reasons to discount our fees, including: 1. The no-cost introductory session has been an amazing practice-building tool … Continue reading

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