Attract More Clients with Testimonials!

Attract More Clients with Testimonials!

Are you ready to introduce a new marketing strategy into your wellness business?

Get a little help from your friends – people who know, like and trust you, and ask them for… testimonials!

Testimonials are statements from people about how you helped them with their problem, pain or challenge. Do you have any testimonials from satisfied clients? If you do, it’s time to refresh with some new ones. If not, it’s time to get crackin’!

As an important marketing tool, testimonials show prospective clients how other people with similar problems have benefited from your services or products.

Getting testimonials can feel uncomfortable at first. We worry about appearing pushy, needy or braggy. Get over it and ask anyway! It’s not for yourself – to brag or pump up your ego! It’s so you can offer your expertise to others who need it.

What if someone absolutely raves to you about your work in person, but when you ask them to write it down, it isn’t as compelling? If you have a system to collect testimonials, you won’t miss golden opportunities for your satisfied clients to help you attract future clients!

Here are a few tips to get great testimonials:

1. Write the testimonial yourself.  Don’t worry – I’m not suggesting that you make up testimonials! But if someone has complimented your work or the results they got with you, write up what you think they said, and ask for their approval or changes: ‘This is what I recall that you said to me. Can you approve this, or change it if it’s not quite accurate?’ Usually people will approve because it’s easier and also they may not remember their exact  words. When you pre-write the testimonial for the client, you get the wording that you want, and usually get a quicker response.

2. For clients who want to write their own testimonial, provide a fill-in-the-blanks template with prompts and guidelines to help them provide the most effective information for your needs.  It shouldn’t be about what a great person you are or the techniques you use or how nice your office is. Testimonials should focus on the benefits and results the client got from your work.

3. If you’re with someone in person, record an audio or video testimonial. It’s quick and easy with a smart phone, and then you can either use the recording on your website or transcribe it into a written testimonial.

Practitioners or clients who have an ethical or privacy issue about the medical confidentiality of testimonials may be more comfortable if their name and/or photo is not used. While attaching a name may give the testimonial more credibility, it is better to use only the client’s initials than to have no testimonial at all. You may offer this option in your letter or on the template.

If you’d like to offer a gift in exchange for the client’s testimonial, make sure it’s something simple that gives value to the client and supports your business but adds little to your cost or time. Do not inform them of the gift prior to getting the testimonial because it can look like a bribe and raise ethical questions. Simply present them with a simple thank-you gift after you have collected the testimonial. Or skip the gift and simply thank them for supporting your business.

Once you acquire a client’s testimonial, you can use it in your marketing materials, such as a brochure or website. Feature one or two testimonials at a time. As you collect the testimonials, rotate them regularly, so that prospective clients will see that you help many people, not just one or two. If you’re just starting out and have few or no clients, ask family and friends. Include people you worked with in school or training, such as fellow students, teachers and clients in student clinics.

Share in the Comments below, or on our Facebook page, your commitment to ask one person who loves your work to write a testimonial for you today! Then go and do it! Which client will you ask first? Testimonials help you get more clients!

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