The Formula for Success – Part 1/5

The Formula for Success – Part 1/5

Early in my career I believed, as many new practitioners do, that getting trained and licensed was all I needed to be successful. Later, when I learned about marketing systems, I thought effective marketing was the answer to the success I wanted. Now I’ve come to understand that marketing is only one of three crucial factors in the formula for success.

Regardless of how positive your mindset is or how many marketing strategies you learn, you need to actually implement to get the results you’re aiming for. Put what you know and believe into action! These three factors for a business mindset, marketing and action – are like the three primary elements needed for a garden – soil, water and light. If one element is missing or incomplete, neither your garden nor your practice will grow and flourish to its fullest potential. Combining these three vital elements inspired me to create the simple yet powerful…

Formula for Success

Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

This formula, while simple, is not necessarily easy. It takes focus and hard work to change long-ingrained habits. But it is at the core of your success as a holistic health practitioner, so let’s explore the individual elements of this formula in this week’s blog series, starting with…

Inspiration – your mindset, your beliefs, your thoughts…especially about money & success.

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