The Formula for Success – Part 2/5

The Formula for Success – Part 2/5

Three success factors for a business mindset, marketing and action – are like the three primary requirements for a garden – soil, light and water. If one element is missing, neither your garden nor your practice will grow and flourish to its fullest potential.

Combining these three vital elements inspired the simple, yet powerful…

Formula for Success

Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

This formula, while simple, is not necessarily easy. It takes focus and hard work to change long-ingrained habits. But it is at the core of the success you will achieve with The Prosperous Practice! So let’s explore the individual elements in this formula:

~ Inspiration consists of your mindset, your beliefs, your thoughts and your habits about success and abundance;

~ Information includes all of the factual data that pertain to running your holistic health practice – your credentials, education and training, professional skills, business practices, office policies, clinic procedures, marketing theory and strategies.

~ Implementation has two components:

1. Manifestation – the concept that what you focus on with great feeling and take action on, you attract into your life.

2. Action is everything you do to contribute to the growth of your business. It is also inaction โ€“ everything you donโ€™t do, or fail to act on.

The Formula for Success is simple yet powerful:

Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

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