The Formula for Success – Part 3/5

The Formula for Success – Part 3/5

Let’s explore the individual elements in the Formula for Success:

~ Inspiration consists of your mindset – your beliefs about success and abundance; your capacity to create them in your life; your self-worth and confidence; your enthusiasm for your work; your passion for doing health service work; and for many of us, a spiritual belief – in God, the Universe, Source Energy or whatever you choose to call a Higher Power. We believe in the Law of Attraction – that we attract what we believe, focus on and act on. And the final component of inspiration is gratitude. Daily appreciation for all of your opportunities, lessons, challenges and blessings – whether small or large, difficult or easy – will open the way for more abundance.

~ Information includes all of the practical data that pertain to running your holistic health practice – your credentials, education and training, professional skills, business practices, office policies, clinic procedures, marketing theory and strategies.

~ Implementation has two components:

1. Manifestation, which for our present purposes we will consider to be what has become popularly known as the Law of Attraction – the concept that what you focus on with great feeling and take action on, you attract into your life. Henry Ford said, “Whether a man believes he can or cannot succeed, he is right.” According to this concept, whether you believe you will have a full practice and abundant income or lack of clients and low income – that is what you will take action on and therefore what you will attract.

2. Action is everything you do to contribute to the growth of your business. It is also inaction – everything you don’t do, or fail to act on. Implementation is a combination of your inspiration and information put into action with practical strategies that will actually produce the tangible and intangible results you need, want and deserve – more clients, more income, more freedom!

The Formula for Success is simple yet powerful:

 Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

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