The Formula for Success – Part 4/5

The Formula for Success – Part 4/5

The Formula for Success is simple yet powerful:

Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

Action Steps to Success – Formula for Success: I + I + I = S

Woo-hoo! Here are the exact steps to create your personal Formula for Success! You want to be very complete here, so take your time, don’t rush through it, and if necessary, do it in more than one sitting.

Divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns and label them: Inspiration, Information, Implementation. You are going to list all of the assets in each category that exist at this point in your business.

1. Start with your Inspiration qualities – healthy mindset, positive thoughts, spiritual beliefs and practices, and gratitudes pertaining to your business and success, such as “interest in my work” and “excitement about helping others,” and everything you’re grateful for in your business, including your clients.

2. Next, list your Information items, such as credentials, education, specific professional skills, techniques and proficiencies, business practices, clinic procedures – all of the data and factual info that pertain to running your practice. (This may be your longest and strongest list of the three categories.)

3. In the Implementation column, write down everything you are currently doing to market your practice and get clients. If you have not been very active in marketing up to this point, this list may be shorter than the other two, but we’ll soon fix that!

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