The Formula for Success – Part 5/5

The Formula for Success – Part 5/5

We’ve been creating your very own customized Formula for Success. So far, you have divided a sheet of paper into 3 columns labeled Inspiration, Information and Implementation, and listed all of the assets in each category that exist at this point in your business.

1. Inspiration qualities – healthy mindset, positive thoughts, personal development, practices, spiritual beliefs and gratitudes pertaining to your business and success.

2. Information items – all of the data and factual info that pertain to running your practice.

Here are the final steps to create a Formula for Success for your holistic health practice:

3. In the Implementation column, write down everything you are currently doing to market your practice and get clients. If you have not been very active in marketing up to this point, this list may be shorter than the other two, but we’ll soon fix that!

4. On a separate page, label 3 columns as before. Then list everything you can think of that is negative, lacking or deficient in your business in the same 3 categories – Inspiration, Information and Implementation. These lists will include limiting beliefs about money, success and self-worth, such as “It’s hard to get clients in this town” or “Nobody will pay me that much!”

Include additional education and training you may need in order to work the way you really want to; policies and procedures you need for a smoothly-running dream practice; business policies, including marketing strategies that are currently lacking in your practice – everything you can think of that you want and need to add or change to create more success, satisfaction and fulfillment in your practice.

Now you have a clear and complete picture of exactly what you already have going for you, as well as things you need to include to grow your practice and create more success in service to others. This is your very own…

 Formula for Success: S=I+I+I

Success = Inspiration + Information + Implementation

Keep your completed Formula for Success handy and refer to it daily. Think of it as a living, changing document of your current business situation – where you are, where you want to be and how to get there! As you learn, change and implement new ways of thinking and acting in your practice, cross off items from the second portion of your list – the things you don’t have – negativities and deficiencies, and add them to the upper portion – assets and positive qualities.

Also, as you replace your negative mindset traits with more positive qualities, cross off and date your old, limiting beliefs. This way you will have a visible, tangible record of your growth and progress – everything you’re doing in your mindset and your marketing that works for you and moves you closer to serving more clients. You will also clearly see everything that limits you or no longer serves you – thoughts and actions that you let go of as you grow in success and abundance.

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