The Golden Ticket to Success in Your Holistic Health Practice – Part 3/3

The Golden Ticket to Success in Your Holistic Health Practice – Part 3/3

The Golden Ticket to Success is… implementation! Thinking about getting the job done just doesn’t cut it. You have to take action to get results!

It’s trite but true: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” To make your business different, you must be willing to try something different, be brave enough to pursue the opportunity, even if you are scared and fearful of the unknown.      

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this message. To say “Oh, I already know that!” is arrogance and self-sabotage that keeps you from reaching the success that you want. You don’t truly ‘know’ something until you have done it or experienced it. Knowing about something is not the same thing as truly knowing it.

While money isn’t everything, you can use it as a gauge to see how much you know. So if your income is not where you want it to be, then you don’t know it yet, you just know about it. You’ve heard of it but not lived it. You really don’t know anything until you live it, breathe it and take action on it day in and day out.

Get clear on the opportunities that are right under your nose. Write your big goal across the top of a sheet of paper. Don’t be shy – no one else will see it. Write down what you want in your business. Then list all the opportunities that you already have right in front of you to make it happen. I know they’re there. I can always find them for people and I encourage you to find them for yourself. List them all – even something that seems inconsequential can be the seed of large growth. Then, one by one, go down your list and take action on these opportunities with courage and fearlessness. Your will see your business grow and thrive when you redeem your Golden Ticket to Success!

Meanwhile, remember that with authentic and compelling marketing, your business goals become easy to achieve. Systems and support for your practice give you more time to pursue new opportunities. Learn how to use systems to effectively market your holistic healthcare practice and have more clients and more income at:

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