Tricks and Treats for Your Wellness Clients!

Tricks and Treats for Your Wellness Clients!

Image result for spa gift bagsHalloween is coming up – the perfect fall holiday to impress and pamper your clients with extra care! I make trick-or-treat goodie bags for my massage clients, filled with wholesome snacks and healthy treats. But there’s a lot you can offer every day, so think of Halloween as inspiration to treat your clients to special customer service year-round!

How do amenities fit into your wellness practice? With little cost, time or effort, you can provide impressive extras – before, during and after an appointment, to keep clients coming back again and again for more of your special magic!  Here are some tricks & treats I give my clients:

Answering machine message. My friendly greeting changes weekly, and always offers a special promotion, to let callers know from the start that they will get service above and beyond the standard!

Before the appointment. I send new clients their intake paperwork to fill out and return to me before their first appointment. Existing clients appreciate my reminder call 2 days before their session. I ask what they need help with and what has changed since last time, so I’m prepared for their treatment.

Reception area. I’m always there to greet the clients when they enter my reception area. I have eliminated ‘waiting room’ from my vocabulary and from my office – I arrange my schedule so that I never keep anyone waiting!

Before the treatment. When new clients come in, we go over their intake form together, item by item, to make sure they understand my policies and procedures. This eliminates the awkwardness of a surprise later – such as paying for a missed appointment. I believe people appreciate knowing ‘the rules’ and what to expect – it helps them feel more comfortable and secure. Before entering the treatment room, I offer a drink of water and use of the restroom.

Treatment room. It is comfortable, attractive and impeccably clean! Calm serenity is crucial here. I maintain a comfortable room temperature with a heater, fan or open window. Flowers and foliage are subtle, not showy, and always fresh – no fake flowers or dead leaves. The treatment table is pre-warmed. I use natural light during the day and low wattage lamps for evening sessions.

During the session. I play serene ambient music. The first thing I do after entering the room is place a heating pad on the client’s back; I move it around during the treatment, to pre-warm each area of the body before I work on it. Careful draping is mindful of modesty, privacy and professionalism, and helps the client feel safe and comfortable. I use warm towels to clean lubricant off the client’s skin.

After the session – There’s a shower for clients who want more thorough cleaning. I have a cup of water ready when the client comes out of the treatment room. I always invite people to schedule or confirm their next appointment. It is not being pushy or needy to do this; many people feel drowsy or disoriented after a session and they appreciate you keeping track of their schedule. I always give a new client something to walk away with – an article, bottled water, product sample, energy bar, my magnetized biz card – to remind them of my business! Everything I give out has my name and contact info on it – even little logo stickers on fresh fruit from my trees! Always, always say thank you for coming in! When it’s time to pay, surprise clients with a no-tip policy. If you don’t want this as a general policy, you can have a special “No-Tip Day,” weekly or monthly.

Follow-up Call – Check in by phone the next day with new clients, or an existing client with a new problem. If their next appointment is more than a week away, I call again in a few days to see how they’re doing and remind them to follow the self-care routine I gave them. I ask if they have any questions or if there’s anything I can do for them. If they’re in pain, I offer to see them sooner than scheduled.

On-going Connection – My keep-in-touch marketing system keeps my practice in the clients’ awareness. This includes email or postal mail items, such as my weekly ezine, info or an article of interest to the client. My Referral Reward Program offers free massage to clients who refer others to me. Birthday and holiday e-cards are pre-scheduled each year, with new clients added as they come in.

Exceed Their Expectations!

Helping clients feel better with great technical skills is the bare minimum you should give. People expect an effective treatment – that’s why they called you in the first place. Exceed their expectations with amenities – nice little extra services or products that add little or no cost or time to you, but have a huge impact on the client’s experience. Use special amenities every day, not just with new clients, but with all clients. Not just for Halloween but in every single interaction, whether on the phone, by email or in person.

These special treats are a key factor in keeping loyal ideal clients and getting their referrals. Keeping repeat clients over the long-term brings in more money and more satisfaction than One-Session Wonders who leave a big tip and never return! Use every opportunity you can to give your clients extra service with tricks and treats!

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