Upgrade Your Income with the Update Letter

Upgrade Your Income with the Update Letter!

Related imageMeet your new BBFF – Best Business Friend Forever! The Update Letter is commonly known in marketing circles as a Warm Letter of Introduction – meaning warm and friendly, as opposed to formal and businesslike.

Your Update Letter is the perfect tool for an end-of-year recap and a look to the new year coming up. But you can – and should – send out your Update Letter at least quarterly.

From now on, in promoting your practice, you will use an Update Letter frequently in 3 basic ways:

1. An introductory letter for new clients, supporters and referral sources. This is in addition to your Welcome Letter for new clients, or the thank you note sent to a referral source.

2. A keep-in-touch strategy to maintain regular, consistent contact with your referral sources. The Update Letter should not replace your newsletter or ezine.

3. An income boost when you need a quick cash infusion. The Update Letter will usually generate a few appointments for quick cash. Then try to enroll these clients into a series for repeat business.

What better time than the New Year to start this marketing strategy in your practice?  Get started now with composing your letter, so it’s ready to mail the first week of January.

IMPORTANT: The Update Letter is a “real” letter. Remember those – the kind you where you lick a stamp and drop it in a mailbox! NOT email! A personal letter in their mailbox will generate more client interest than “Oh no –  more email!”

Send your Update Letter to everyone you know – yes really, everyone – family, friends, clients! If this seems overwhelming, just keep at it with a schedule, such as one per day or 5-10 letters a week, until you’ve contacted everyone on your list. When done right, the Update Letter Campaign can become one of your most effective client attraction strategies for a very affordable cost!

Remember that this is a temporary, short-term tactic and should not be relied upon for long-term growth and success in your business. The idea is to catch people’s attention, remind them of your business and leverage some quick income into more marketing for faster business growth. Any appointments you book from this campaign should be leveraged into sales of treatment packages for sustained business growth.

You will be amazed at how quickly you get referrals and new clients using this simple strategy. It takes some work, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts – all the way to the bank!

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