Welcome Back: Reactivate Former Clients in Your Wellness Biz!

Welcome Back: Reactivate Former Clients in Your Wellness Biz!

Image result for welcome backHow would you like to have 5 out of 10 former clients come back? They will – if you just reach out to them!

Marketing statistics show that over 50% of inactive customers return if they are invited by a business where they had a positive experience.

You already did the hardest part of marketing with these clients when you first worked with them – creating the know-like-trust factor. Now you can use that bond to bring them back into your practice.

It’s much easier and more affordable to reactivate a former client than to attract a new one. Marketing research shows that 6 out of 10 inactive customers respond after the third contact, whereas new prospects respond after 7 contacts. So don’t be discouraged if some of them don’t respond to your initial effort. Simply reach out again!

If they are not interested, they will just ignore you. The worst that can happen is they will ask you to stop contacting them. In this case, remember that it’s not personal – it’s business! Just move on – you have more important things to do than obsess over someone who isn’t interested in what you offer.

But the best case – and more likely – scenario is that 5 out of 10 will return, and this is worth the risk of being rejected or ignored by the other five!

Reach Out to Former Clients

How should you contact your inactive clients? Postal mail is the way to go! It’s more personal than email, and therefore usually gets better results.

Create a “Get in Touch Campaign” specifically designed to reactivate former clients.  Before starting to contact them, you will need to do the following preliminary work:

  • Invest in good-quality stationery with your logo and all contact info – it looks more professional than do-it-yourself.

–  Get everyone’s complete contact info. You will be contacting your former clients via 4 different means of communication, so assemble all the necessary info before you start, to insure a smooth flow to your campaign. If you’re missing someone’s phone number, address or email, for instance, contact them via the info you do have, and ask for their missing info. Say that you’ve been thinking about them and you want to send them something special.

  • Design a Special Re-Introductory Offer for them, such as extra treatment time, or a special service, gift or amenity – something that adds value for the client with little or no cost to you.
  • Make a limited offer to encourage people to act quickly. It can be time-limited, such as “Call us before mm-dd-yy” or quantity-limited, such as “For the first # people to call.”

Write out simple scripts for four different forms of contact, starting and ending your Welcome Back campaign with the ever-popular postal mail:

  • Postal letter
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Postcard

Contact them once a week for 4 weeks, using the above methods, scheduled for the same day each week. 

Now… go get your calculator and figure out how much your income could increase if 5 former clients per month came back into your biz! What about 5 more per week? What if they buy gift certificates? What if they buy retails products? What if they refer others who refer others who refer others…? Do you see the powerful ripple effect of reactivating former clients?

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