Who Says Marketing Is No Fun?!

Who Says Marketing Is No Fun?!

Does your wellness practice struggle? Does it fall short of your dreams, ideals and goals? Wouldn’t you love to create a steady stream of clients flowing into your business? If you want to keep your income growing and generate more cash flow, try these strategic methods to attract a full schedule of Ideal Clients!

As entrepreneurs, our businesses reflect our personal values and vision.  But business is more than values and vision. The purpose of a business is to make money. And consistent clients are the key to enough money to stay in business, and to live the life of prosperity and freedom you envision for yourself!

What is the solution to inconsistent client flow and the erratic income it produces? Try these 3 proven marketing strategies to create a fresh flow of clients into your business:

Strategy #1: Appreciate Existing Clients.

Image result for heart in handsValentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to nurture your clients with something special. Keep it simple with one of these ideas:

– An email, e-card or handwritten note expressing your appreciation for their support of your business

– A sweet treat such as candy or cookies;

– A pdf report of health tips

– A coupon for extra time on their next session.

Strategy #2: Go Public!

Are you sitting in your office hoping for the phone to ring? Well… hope is not a strategy!  You need to get off your aspirations and go get clients! Figure out where your ideal clients gather in groups. Then go meet or mingle with them and draw them in with your marketing message.

If you serve athletes with sports massage, then join a gym or do a joint venture with a sporting goods store – to meet, mingle and market! Do you counsel engaged couples on how to have a happy marriage? Network with other professionals who serve this population – wedding planners, photographers, bridal shops, caterers, salons.

Check local newspapers for listings of community group meetings. Contact some appropriate groups and offer to speak at their meetings or join as a member.

Join a networking or referral group, such as BNI or NAWBO – it’s like having your very own sales team recruiting clients for you!

Regardless of your niche, clients are out there! Go find them and let them know that you have the solution to their problem, pain or challenge!

Strategy #3: Throw a Party!

Who says marketing isn’t fun?! This strategy is the opposite of going out in public to meet prospects. It brings the public to you! An Open House at your office gives people a glimpse of your workplace and reinforces your professional image. Visiting your work environment is the best way for people to understand what you do and how you can help them. Create a buzz about your party by announcing it in social media.

Invite everyone you know – and encourage them to bring a friend! If this seems overwhelming, derive your guest list from these four key contact groups:

1. Personal Contacts. Family, friends and acquaintances. Your Aunt Millie may know someone who needs your service­­­.

2. Professional Contacts. Clients, colleagues and business associates, such as the members of your BNI chapter.

3. Prominent Contacts. Well-connected, natural networkers who know a lot of people, such as the editor of community listings for your local newspaper.

4. Power Contacts. Individuals, organizations and companies that serve the same niche as you do, but provide different services! For example, the counselor mentioned above who advises engaged couples.

Collect each guest’s biz cards to draw for a prize! Invite them to sign up for your email list for future marketing! Put out brochures, biz cards and special offer coupons. Make a time-limited Special Offer and give a bonus for enrolling during the party! Have party favors imprinted with your biz name – a tangible reminder of your business for guests to take home! Make a video slide show about your biz and have it run on a loop during the party. Follow up with a thank you note to everyone who attended!

Brownie Points: Schedule a business party for Thursday March 30, 2017 to coincide with National Doctors’ Day. Invite some doctors and talk to them about how your work can help their patients and how to refer patients to you.

Explore in detail how to network with each of these groups! Learn successful step-by-step marketing with The Prosperous Practice Home Study System! http://wp.me/P42qnM-5r

Creating a sustainable business that generates a wealth of steady income begins with empowered action! Set your bold goal for – how many? – new clients this month! Then get into action! Any one of these tips will attract clients. Use more than one for even better outcomes! And use them all for spectacular, get-ready-to-grow results!

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