Your Biz Card – Mundane or Magnetic?

Your Biz Card – Mundane or Magnetic?

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Did you know that 95% of business cards end up ignored, lost or trashed? Don’t let your card be part of that statistic! As we approach the end of the year and start thinking about improvements to make in your wellness practice in the coming year, perhaps your business card should be one of those improvements.

A woman found my business card on the post office floor and called about treatment for chronic back pain from a botched surgery years earlier. This new client brought me $1500 in her first transaction! Now in her 12th year of weekly treatments with me, she has invested about $80,000 in massage for herself and gift certificates for others. (And this does not even include retail products that she and her referrals have purchased over the years!) She has referred numerous other ideal clients, who have also made referrals. All this came from reading my compelling business card that she found on the floor!

And this was not an unusual situation for me. I get most of my clients by using my biz card in strategic ways. Do you think I would have met this client if it had been an ordinary card, with only my name and contact info? Perhaps, but not as likely to get noticed, be remembered and motivate someone to act quickly.

Your card is often the first of your marketing materials that a prospective client sees and you’ve got that one chance to make a first impression. So make it memorable by handing out a well-designed card that makes people want to work with you! Use the back of the card for twice as much marketing real estate – to make a mega-impact with this mini-marketing tool!

If you’ve been a health entrepreneur for a while, you’ve probably realized by now that it takes more than a professional license and an office to succeed in business. But as my story shows, a well-designed biz card can be a very effective tool to attract great clients into your practice!

The business card can be an effective sales tool that tells people what you do and, more importantly, what you can do for them. Don’t waste the valuable “real estate” on your card – use both sides to let people know exactly how you can help them. Don’t use the back of the card in the typical way – to write in the client’s appointments. (That’s why God invented sticky notes!) And absolutely do not leave it blank on the back – what a waste of good marketing space!

Make sure you use “magnetic marketing” – client-attractive wording about the benefits you offer, to “pull” or draw clients to you. Tell them exactly how to learn more, such as call you to talk about working together. Or perhaps you want them to visit your website or subscribe to your ezine. Use the biz card to your best advantage – the point is to get prospects to take quick action when they read your card. You want them to feel like you’re talking specifically to them and that you have the solution to their challenge – and you want them to act now! 

Exactly what should be on your business card to pull in clients? First, the layout should be clean and legible. Unless you have design software and the skills to use it well, I suggest having your business card professionally designed and printed. You don’t want your first impression to look amateur and homemade! Use fonts that are easy to read and appropriate for the mini-size of the card, while reflecting your business brand.

The front of the card should contain the standard info: business name, logo and tagline; your name, credentials and title; a brief statement of your services; all of your contact info – every way to reach you – phone, email, website, mail, location. Add your photo if possible – seeing your face helps people know-like-trust you! It can be tricky to fit so much on the front. Just keep playing around with the layout until you find one that that looks clear and uncluttered. 

Now here’s where the fun begins!

Use the back of the card for magnetic marketing that invites and attracts the reader to work with you. Whenever someone hands me their business card, I immediately turn it over to see if they use the back of the card for marketing. Ask questions about the needs of your target market – questions to which readers will answer “yes.” They will see their situation, their challenge, and also see that you understand their need!

Follow these with answers which correspond to each question. Examples:

Do you have tension headaches, back pain or stiff neck? Our treatments can relieve tension, alleviate pain and relax muscle spasms. 

At the end of the Q&A sections, place a call-to-action: something specific the reader should do, such as call your office, go to your website, sign up for your IFO (Irresistible Free Offer). Add your contact info and tagline again on the back, if space allows. Use the back of the card for twice as much marketing real estate!

There are several advantages to using your biz card as a marketing tool: It helps readers pre-screen themselves as to whether or not they are your ideal client; it filters out tire-kickers – those who are not appropriate, saving you the time and trouble of dealing with a non-ideal client; it helps people clearly describe your services when referring others to you.

The objective is for your business card to make people say “Wow! You have exactly what I need!” With well-worded compelling information, it becomes a silent member of your unpaid sales team.

Your business card is an under-estimated marketing tool that will bring you clients – IF it is specifically designed to show how you can help people with their problem, pain or challenge. Instead of using a generic, ineffective card that puts people to sleep, create one that wakes them up to the fact that you can help them! Hand out a business card that reflects the pride and confidence you have in your work and helps bring you the success, income and lifestyle freedom that you need, want and deserve!

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