Your Money Mindset – Flashlight or Lighthouse? Part 3/3

Your Money Mindset – Flashlight or Lighthouse? Part 3/3

As we’ve been exploring this week, if you change your conflicting beliefs about money, success and healing, you can turn your practice into a beacon that more fully guides others to health and wholeness. When you free yourself from limiting money myths, you open the door to a new level of service, income and freedom. Here are 2 more ways to think of money as a spiritual tool:

4. Money Inspires Hope. When you’re successful, you become a beacon to everyone whose lives you touch and inspire. Your prosperity allows others to believe they too can have more, do more and be more!

5. Money Creates Time. Self-care, such as meditation, retreat, exercise, good food, relaxation and fun, are all important to keep you connected to Divine Source. Healthy money beliefs create enough income to give you the time and freedom to live a balanced life. Without constantly worrying about money coming in, you have more time to take care of yourself so you can continue taking care of others.

By standing in your power with service and money, you are in alignment with your purpose as a holistic health practitioner. When tempted to hold on to the culturally-instilled belief that financial abundance is somehow “bad,” remember that such fear and doubt hold you back from achieving your purpose to help others. A prosperous money mindset can make your practice into a bold bright beacon that guides others to health and wholeness!

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